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For millennia, the natural healing properties of salt are known and have been used for medical purposes. Already in the third century BC salt was used in Egypt to prevent infection and drying of wounds.

In cases of chronic respiratory disease it is often recommended to stay by the sea. Health issues such as asthma or bronchitis can be alleviated significantly by the special climate. Every breath provides valuable minerals and trace elements like iodine, magnesium or calcium.

Our salt grotto is made from salt rock from the Himalayan that is thousands of years old as well as from sea salt from the Dead Sea. It has a constant and balanced climate with 50-60% humidity and a pleasant temperature of 19-21C. The air is rich in minerals and extremely pure due to its antifungal and anti-allergic effect.
  When inhaled it promotes relaxation and physical balance. The body's defenses are strengthened and its efficiency is increased. In a variety of diseases or medical conditions the healing process is strongly supported. A good investment in your health!

Asthma / bronchitis
Sore throat
Iodine deficiency
Circulatory problems / high blood pressure
Immune weakness

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